Welcome to all EDS Members,

2015/16 is a big year for the EDS. It is our 108th year as an association, and that is something to be proud of. We have a proud legacy which helps to push us forward as a group. With that in mind, for 2015 we have two changes to bring to everyone’s attention. Being considerate of our busy professional and personal schedules, I will keep this to one page. However, please do read the attached documents as they contain important details on the subjects spoken of in this letter.

First, I should introduce myself. My name is Philip Fava and I am a Periodontist practicing in Northeast Philadelphia. I went to the University of Pennsylvania for my pre-doctorate training and fell in love with the area. I’ve been practicing here for three years and been involved with the Eastern Dental Society board since I returned. I will be assuming the position of President from Michael Salin, who served for 6 years. I come to serve you at a time with some big changes going on, however our board remains almost unchanged, so I ask that you keep an open mind as we move forward. With that said, if anyone has interest in joining the board we would gladly welcome any nomination (self or other).

Secondly, we have joined the Consortium of Dental Groups. Joining the consortium provides our organization with a number of key advantages. Firstly, it increases our collegiate network expanding our interaction with adjacent regions. Additionally by joining the Consortium we are capable of having all day lectures with more sponsorship, and more sought after lecturers. Lastly, we will enjoy reciprocity of the participating groups. This will allow us direct access to the lectures and events of our neighboring groups. We encourage all EDS members to take advantage of this benefit. To see more about the details of the Consortium, please see the attached letter. The EDS board feels strongly that this will improve upon our members experience professionally and personally..

In joining the Consortium we will have some structural changes to how the EDS provides CE. Our new format will be two dine arounds, one all day lecture with the Consortium, and the golf outing. While you may notice we will have one less all day lecture, we believe the all day lecture the Consortium offers us will be of equivalent value. Additionally, as we will have reciprocity with the Consortium members, the CE available to us will increase significantly.

Along with the change in structure, there will be a change in the dues. Dues for the year will now be $225. While no one likes to announce an increase due in their welcome letter, I can honestly say that this is a good thing. While our upfront dues will increase, all member’s overall cost actually decreases thanks to our joining the Consortium. For a detailed description of how that is, please see the attached sheet regarding dues.

On behalf of the board I’d like to thank you for your past and future support. We hope that everyone will take advantage of the benefits our new format and involvement with the Consortium brings to us this year. And on a personal note I look forward to the opportunity to serve you as your President.

Philip Fava DMD, MDSc


George Priest, DMD:
Friday, October 7, 2016

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